I. mail mail 1 [meɪl] noun [uncountable]
1. the system of collecting or delivering letters, packages etc; = post Bre:

• Your cheque is in the mail (= I have just mailed it to you ) .

• Do not send cash through the mail.

• The company sells its computers by mail.

ˌbulk ˈmail
advertisements and notices about services that companies send out in large quantities :

• Send your bulk mail with our quick and efficient service.

ˌbusiness reˈply ˌmail abbreviation BRM COMMERCE
a system that allows members of the public to return mail to a company without paying, because the cost is paid by the company; = business reply service Bre
ˌcertified ˈmail
a postal service which, for an additional payment, provides proof that a letter or package has been posted and delivered; = recorded delivery Bre:

• All replies must be sent by certified mail.

ˌregistered ˈmail
a postal service which, for an additional payment, protects the sender of a valuable letter or package against loss and damage; = registered post Bre
ˈsurface ˌmail
the system of sending letters etc by ship, train, or road, rather than by air:

• If you do not write `airmail' on the envelope, the letter will be sent by surface mail.

— compare airmail
2. the letters, packages etc that are sent to a particular person at a particular time:

• The first thing he does when he arrives in the office is check his mail.

• My secretary sorts through the incoming mail (= mail being received ) .

• All outgoing mail (= mail being sent ) must have a stamp on it.

• a sorting machine that processes first-class mail (= letters sent by the fastest normal mail service ) by ZIP code

diˈrect ˌmail
MARKETING advertisements that are sent to people in the post, often people who have been chosen because they might be interested in the product:

• Over 3 billion items of direct mail were sent through the post last year

• a direct mail campaign aimed at US small businesses

ˈjunk mail MARKETING
disapproving letters, advertisements etc that you receive through the mail without asking for them
ˈsnail mail informal
mail sent through the normal mail service, rather than messages sent by email
3. COMPUTING messages sent by email:

• Have you read your mail yet?

• I got five mails this morning.

a system that allows people to send messages to each other by computer; = EMAIL:

• Staff communicate with each other via electronic mail.

ˈvoice mail
an electronic system on your telephone that lets you leave messages for people who phone you when you are not available, and lets them leave messages for you:

• With voice mail, if a guest is out, callers can leave recorded messages rather than be put through again to a hotel operator.

  [m0] II. mail mail 2 verb [transitive]
1. to send a letter or package to someone; = post Bre:

• The letter was mailed last Thursday.

2. COMPUTING to send someone a message by email:

• You can phone, fax, or mail me at the office.

* * *

used in the name of some newspapers: »

The Daily Mail


The Hull Mail

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